Chester Bowl “Growing Up Chester” Kickoff

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The Chester Bowl Improvement Club kicked off the public phase of fundraising for their “Growing Up Chester” Capital Campaign today, Sunday March 12th.

Chester Bowl exists to create community by helping people recreate outside in Chester Park. The Thom Storm Chalet is one of the necessary tools to push this mission into action. Currently the Chalet is outdated and is not available to everyone. The Growing Up Chester Capital Campaign is raising the funds needed to expand and completely refurbish the Chalet, preserving Chester’s magic for generations.

“Well, our building has been loved and loved hard, which does mean just a lot of just general casual damage to the building,” says Dave Schaeffer, Executive Director of Chester Bowl Improvement Club.

The over-all cost of the building renovation and expansion is $2.7 million. Chester Bowl and the City of Duluth will be applying for a federal grant that might fund up to half of the project. Already raising $530,000 in the “quiet” phase of fundraising, Chester Bowl is looking to raise at least $820,000 in this now “public” phase to allow them to apply for the grant, and successively complete construction.

“Well, I think the most important thing about Growing up Chester, and our campaign, is that it’s not about a building. It’s about the community, it’s about the people. It’s about what we do together. And the community of people that builds around outdoor recreation. To be able to renovate and expand this building is such a huge thing for us and for our community,” finishes Schaeffer.

To learn more about the Growing Up Chester Capital Campaign, click here: Growing Up Chester | Chester Bowl Improvement Club