Bent Paddle hosts Braver Angels for introductory gathering

Bent Paddle hosts Braver Angels meeting

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Community members gathered at Bent Paddle Brewing for an introduction to the Braver Angels Alliance. The group is a newly formed volunteer group organized by members in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Bent Paddle provided light refreshments while Braver Angels leaders hosted a presentation highlighting the goals of their new organization. According to group leaders, Braver Angels “aims to unite red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America.”

“It’s great to have open discourse”, said Laura Mullen, one of the organizers of the group. “I always learn something when we have a discussion that changes my opinion or opens me up to new things. We are just looking to have something like this in our community so that people can come together more rather than divide.”

The national chapter of the Braver Angels, formerly known as the Better Angels, was formed in 2016. The group hosts workshops, debates, informational meetings, and campus engagement events. They say they hope is to “help Americans understand each other beyond stereotypes and form community alliances.”