Gov. Tony Evers visits UWS ahead of Midterms

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In the final days before Midterms, Gov. Tony Evers made a stop at UWS to address folks about the issues in his campaign in what is a very close race. He says he want to remind people of their accomplishments and highlight the difference between himself and his Republican challenger Tim Michaels, but Evers says hi main cause is getting everyone out to vote.

He wants to let Northern Wisconsin know that we will continue to fight for broadband access. Gov. Evers tells us, “We put 387 household in broadband in rural Wisconsin… We’re going to continue to do that until we get every household hooked up.”

He says he has a plan to tackle inflation while his opponent does not but hopes to focus on topics that are specific to Wisconsin like education and again, broadband.

His opponent Tim Michael’s has been saying that if he gets elected he will make sure there is never an other Democrat elected in the state. When asked about that, Gov. Tony Ever said, “Democracy is on the ballot because in order to that he’ll have to make some major changes in how voting happens in Wisconsin.” Noting that his plan seems radical to make sure that him and his collogues stay in power.