Where can I Find Me-TV WDIO2

Me-TV WDIO2 is carried on the WDIO2 and WIRT2 broadcast signals, as well as most Northland cable systems and DISH Network.  Here’s where to find Me-TV:

  • Broadcast: 10.2 (Twin Ports), 13.2 (Iron Range)
  • Charter: 196 (Twin Ports), 190 (Ashland/Hayward/Ironwood)
  • DISH Network: 13
  • Lake Connections: 25
  • Mediacom: 113, 10.2, or 13.2
  • Midcontinent: 140 (Int’l Falls), 588 (Ely/Bemidji)
  • Norvado: 134
  • Paul Bunyan: 20
  • SCI: 81

Don’t get Me-TV from your provider? You may be able to receive the 10.2 or 13.2 broadcast signal by hooking an antenna to the antenna/RF input of your digital TV and running a channel scan.

A “rabbit ear” type VHF antenna will receive our signal in the Twin Ports and Hibbing areas.

* DirecTV carries the national feed of Me-TV, which will not have our local programming like State Tournaments. If you would like to receive WDIO2, please contact DirecTV at call 800-531-5000.

For more information on MeTV’s classic TV programming, visit MeTVDuluth.com.