Blockbusters start to bring stability for movie theaters in the Northland

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The movie industry is making a new comeback as down at San Diego comic con, big studios dropped upcoming release dates and trailers for upcoming blockbusters.

That news fueling the excitement here in the northland. With a steady lineup of blockbusters, and more on the horizon, Premiere Theatres says their movie-goers numbers are back to summer of 2019 levels.

Manager Cary Neumann says, “It’s unbelievable that we are able to come back from that.”

He says that because there is a consistent flow of movie releases and COVID restrictions are gone, more people have been coming back to the theatre.

During the heart of the pandemic, studios had to push back release dates. Neumann says that hurt theaters.

“That was another issue we had”, says Neumann, “Like Top Gun was moved back for two years. It had a set date and then it would be moved back again, and then it would be moved back further. Finally it was opened up in May and just all the movies were done in that way where you wouldn’t know when they were coming out.”

Premiere Theatres is now in the process of renovating their seating. Replacing their current seats with recliners, further investing in the movie going experience.

Cary says, “It’s a combination of everything. I think you know people want to see [movies] on the big screen, the sound, the fresh popcorn, the smell.”