Mountain bikers can compete in the Gunflint Scramble this October

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Mountain bikers will be able to participate in a brand new race this fall, organized by the family that owns Bearskin Lodge.

“My wife and I are pretty into cycling, and we’ve been spending a lot of time riding on our ski trails,” said race organizer Quinn McCloughan. “We’re a big cross-country ski destination in the winter, it seemed like the trails were a nice riding option with good challenges and good scenery and everything. So we thought we’d turn it into a race.It’s a little bit of being in the position of trying to take your passion and integrate it into your professional life.”

The Gunflint Scramble will utilize the Central Gunflint Ski Trail system. The 20-mile race will begin at 10 am on October 7.

“It’s $45 to sign up, and that comes with a t-shirt and some other race goodies and then a chance to win a bunch of prizes just by entering the race itself,” said McCloughan. “The course is mainly on ski trails and snowmobile trails in the area with a little bit of singletrack and a little portion of gravel roads just to connect it.”

The course will have about 2300 feet of climbing in it.

“It’s a challenging course in terms of the amount of climbing, a lot of ups, a lot of stones, not a lot of flats and but yeah, it’s very scenic, pretty, pretty fun riding and kind of an interesting area that the people don’t really ride on all that much,” said McCloughan.

The Gunflint Trails are known for skiing, but we could soon see this become a summer destination.

“I think it will be a good time. I’m pretty excited about it,” said McCloughan. “Mostly I’m excited to hear people’s opinions of the riding. I mean, I think it’s a good time, but maybe I’m wrong, but I’m excited to have people up and see what they think of it and what they think of the challenge and everything.”