Wisconsin generates billions of dollars with a tourism surge

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In Wisconsin statewide, the economic impact has increased by 21 percent in 2021. All 72 counties reported double-digit growth since 2020. In Douglas County, the total business sale grew from 124 million in 2020 to 149 million in 2021, a difference of 20.4 percent.

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One city in Douglas County, Superior, can be viewed as a tourist destination for many reasons. "The fishing and the big ships that come into the port all the time. People come up here to see the ships! They like the lake for fishing and swimming and picnicking with their families. It is more of a family-oriented area,” says resident Matthew Greer.
Greer says one of the big attractions would be “the ships. People like to watch them come in, you know. They are pretty cool, you know. When you see a ship come in, you do not get to see that in every city."

Temporary relocating last week from Georgia for work, Jerimiah Allison said he has a tourist mindset. "I noticed this is like a fisherman town, but it is really clean from most fisherman’s towns I go to, that are kind of run down. This one looks like it’s built up like everything is clean, but it still got almost like a historical part." That’s what captures Allison’s attention besides the weather.

Allison mentions he has been exploring places that people have recommended. "They named a couple of beaches. I know the veterans historical center, so that was something to check out. Being a veteran, this is one of the best places I have been to as far as veteran centers."