Winter storm whipping northeast US with snow, thunderstorms

NEW YORK — A dangerous winter storm is whipping the East Coast with significant snowfall, strong thunderstorms and blustery winds Monday. Meteorologists said a foot or more of snow fell in parts of New York state, Ohio and Pennsylvania through Monday morning. New York City was spared most of the snowfall.

Sleet and rain are the main threats for much of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Road conditions were also a concern. Plow truck drivers were scattered along roads and highways in the region in the early morning hours. The storm forced the closure of many COVID-19 vaccination and testing sites in the northeast.

According to Hubbard-owned WNYT, many early morning travelers at Albany International Airport got some bad news when their flights were cancelled or delayed on Monday. The airport’s snow team was working hard to get the runways cleared and the planes de-iced for take-off. It appears that conditions were improving in the afternoon.