What parents should know about getting their children vaccinated

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Many people across the Northland are excited for this new wave of the population being vaccinated now that children ages 5-11 have been approved. But more parents want to know the most effective way to get their child vaccinated.

Experts say the sooner the appointment the quicker your child will be fully protected, due to the fact that the age group will have to undergo two doses of the vaccine with three weeks in between the shots.

But the key thing is be open and honest when setting up their appointments. St. Louis County Public Health Director Amy Westbrook says, “Just letting them know what they are getting the shot for, what could potentially be side effects, you know a sore arm, maybe a headache or feeling kind of crummy the next day.”

The best way to make it the comfortable for your child is communication. If your child is scared or nervous validate their feelings. Make sure to use developmentally appropriate language like “poke” instead of “shot” and most importantly explain why it is worth it even though it might hurt.

Westbrook goes on to say, “that is for a good purpose, so it’s to prevent them from getting severe illness and hospitalization down the road. And the benefits to their parents, their grandparents, and their friends."

And the mission to vaccinate the nation’s is evident around the Northland as more organizations are announcing that they are making kid vaccines widely available. Governor walz shared his excitement earlier Wednesday.

Essentia saying today that they have been preparing to vaccinate the age group, “as quickly and conveniently as possible."

As for where else to your child’s vaccine, you can check with your child’s school, their pediatrician, or if you are in Minnesota you can check the Minnesota COVID response website.