West pledges more Ukraine aid, but not all Zelenskyy seeks

BRUSSELS (AP) — World leaders who are meeting in Brussels have heard an impassioned plea from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for more military aid to defend his country from Russia’s invasion. But he’s not getting all that he’s asking.

Zelenskyy addressed a NATO summit Thursday and called for “military assistance without limitations."

U.S. President Joe Biden, who joined his counterparts for a trio of summits Thursday, said more aid will be on its way to Ukraine. But what he’s promising is short of everything that’s being asked. The White House also announced that the U.S. will broaden its sanctions on Russia, admit 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and provide an additional $1 billion in food, medicine, water and other supplies.

President Biden says after meeting with NATO and G-7 leaders that more aid is being sent to Ukraine and that a chemical attack by Russia “would trigger a response in kind.” He said nothing further about what that might mean, but U.S. officials said there’s no change in America’s position of sending no troops into Ukraine.

Biden spoke Thursday in Brussels.