Veterans honored and remembered at the Duluth Depot

Veterans from all wars were honored and remembered at the Duluth depot Monday night. It was the 16th annual Veterans Remembrance Dinner, put on by the St. Louis County Historical Society.

Donna Bergstrom is a member of the Veterans Memorial Hall Board and she said, "Fundraisers like the one helps us keep these exhibits up, and it gives us the opportunity to put new ones in, change out the material and create new displays for people."

The dinner was right near the Veterans Memorial Hall, which displays the stories and artifacts from northland vets.

"We just think it’s so important for people to be able to have a place they can come and look at some of the things our military members have done, the uniforms they’ve worn, or stories that they’ve told." Bergstrom said.

From the Civil War to the Gulf War, you can learn about it all at the Veterans Memorial Hall inside the Duluth Depot.