U.S. Steel donates $350,000 to Rock Ridge Schools

U.S. Steel announced a big investment in the new Rock Ridge High School. The company, which owns and operates Minntac and Keetac, said they were donating $350,000 for the new gym space.

It will be known as the U.S. Steel Gymnasium.

Travis Kolari, plant manager, said in a statement, "U.S. Steel is pleased to support the development of the new Rock Ridge Public Schools, which will serve our valued communities and many of our employees’ families. This relationship is important to us. We look forward to many exciting events at the U.S. Steel Gymnasium."

The district is excited and grateful. The donation is part of their RockRidgeRising fundraising campaign.

The plan is to have the new school open in the fall of 2023. It will serve kids from Eveleth, Gilbert, and Virginia.