Update: more road closures due to high water and washouts

As St. Louis County Public Works crews continue to monitor road conditions following this weekend’s heavy rain, additional roads have been closed.

Several road washouts have occurred in the northern part of St. Louis County as a result of excessive rain and snow melt. Public Works crews are responding, closing portions of several roads as they work to repair washed-out culverts. Warning signs are also being placed in areas where water is covering parts of the roadway.

A culvert washout on a segment of County Road 65 has caused the road to be closed until next week as repairs are made. The segment is approximately 1.2 miles west of State Highway 73 and in Unorganized Township 60-20, west of Side Lake.

A portion of Heritage Trail (County State Aid Highway 20) near McKinley has been closed after a culvert failure caused the surrounding gravel to wash away, leaving the paved surface suspended with no support beneath. The road is closed between Jack Pine Lane and Red Wood Lane.

Excessive water runoff has also damaged two roads near Orr, causing closures. These include County Road 422 between Kallio Road and Niles Bay Forest Road; and Range Line Road between Willow River road and Nett Lake Road.

Repairs are also in progress on King Road in Orr and County Road 535 in Greaney following washouts.

All of these road repairs are expected to be made by early in the week.

As Public Works crews continue to monitor the county’s 3,000 of roads, anyone who sees a flooded road or unsafe conditions can report it by calling 911.