Up North: Tons of Santa sightings at Wild Santa 5k

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Santa is coming to town, or more like Santas. Over the weekend more than 420 participants headed to Wild State Cider to run in this year’s Wild Santa 5k.

"We started this event in 2019, took a year off, and now we are back. So it’s great to see that we got this momentum still and we have people coming out and dressing as Santa, just getting the holiday cheer going," said Alisha Bradley, Executive Events Director for the race.

Winding through the Lincoln Park Craft District of Duluth, the Santas were able to hold off on seeing who was naughty or nice, and just enjoy a holiday run.

"I’m trying to enjoy the spirit of the holidays, the Santa run is cool because everyone gets to dress up as Santa. Plus we get to go run a 5k, and I love running," said runner Matt Nixon.

Participants who didn’t have their own Christmas regalia received a full five piece Santa suit with their registration, along with a free cider at the taproom after the race.

"It’s a lot of fun, you are going to dress as Santa and just have a wacky fun time," continued Bradley.

"It’s really great seeing the community come together again and doing things. It doesn’t seem like anyone is too worried about anything so I think it’s great," concluded Nixon.