Up North: Local trainer creates endurance class for all to enjoy

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As the Northland finally warms up for the summer, people are heading back to the gym to be more active. A great place to begin, is Reps and Sets Fitness, a program started by one local trainer.

“Come the pandemic I was fairly new to the Duluth community. I wanted to make sure that people were remaining active, I traveled to my client’s homes and personal trained them. I also travel to my clients businesses and then I do virtual classes and sessions as well,” said the owner/ founder of Reps & Sets Fitness, Shannon Polson.

With a total of eight different class options, ranging from yoga retreats, in person workouts and even virtual opportunities, there is a little something for every athlete type to enjoy.

"Shannon is fabulous, she gives us great workouts and it is just fun. When you get to be our age you need the movements and the balance, it’s just wonderful I love it," said Reps and Sets member Cathie Flood.

The mission of all the different classes is to challenge and educate each participant to their full potential. With the biggest key being positive energy throughout each class.

"Well it’s convenient, its is a great class, it’s worth your time. Plus we are all aging so exercise becomes more important, socialization also becomes as well. Once you get into the habit and realize how easy it is to get here and exercise, then it motivates you to continue," added member Kathy Hamman.

Polson has been a personal trainer for the past 13 years, and also is National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified. She’s now using her skill set to help anyone with a fitness goal.

“We basically focus on functional training, which every trainer basically focuses on that aspect. Those components to make sure you are strong, and that your everyday living is with less pain. To make sure that you are feeling confident and feeling well throughout your body.”

“These classes are different because they are so welcoming. Everyone is here for the same reason, to have that social hour and then to also get more health and fit. Whatever that goal may be because we all have different goals,” Polson exclaimed.

To sign up for a Reps and Sets Fitness class CLICK HERE.