Truckers are starting to feel the pressure with rising gas prices

The gas prices continue to rise and while they may be a headache for us they are also a headache for the trucking industry.
A representative from Dave Evan, Vernon Bryce says, “The economy can’t afford this kind of a jump. Energy is everything."

Their business along with other trucking companies are reliant on gas. Vernon says, "We burn through, our fleet alone is probably burning through around 8,000 gallons a week."

The truckers normally use surge charges when it comes to rising gas prices, but now with the prices we are seeing it’s a little bit different. Now surge charges are delayed by a week.

"What’s happening nowadays is those prices are climbing so fast that the surge charges delayed and so it’s not exactly covering the extra costs as quick as it should be,” says Vernon.

And if prices become unaffordable there could be detrimental effects. Vernon Bryce warns, "If these prices don’t correct themselves the economy is going to collapse.”

Some truckers even turning to the Biden Administration, hoping for a change in policy. Bryce suggesting that more oil should be produced out of the U.S.

He says, “I believe the only light at the end of the table is if our administration changes direction, his policies put us here and unless he’s willing to change we are going to continue down this path.”

He emphasizes the importance that trucking has on our lives, "Everything comes on a truck, there is very little that you own that doesn’t come on a truck."

President Biden says however, that allegations that he’s blocking oil production are not true. Saying the country is producing record levels of oil.