Trucker stranded on NW Ontario highway for 24 hours

Police say an instance of a trucker being stranded for 24 hours on a remote stretch of northwestern Ontario highway is just one recent example of motorists becoming stranded in the region.

According to a news release from Ontario Provincial Police, the trucker broke down on Highway 17 between Ignace and Dryden on Jan. 10. The trucker spent 24 hours without heat before calling for assistance.

Officers from the Dryden detachment then transported the driver to a local hotel.

The OPP have also reported numerous crashes on northwestern Ontario highways in recent days.

"Whether you are stuck for two hours or 24 hours, it is crucial to be prepared in case of emergency. Those who are driving through adverse weather conditions should follow safe winter driving practices, wear proper clothing and bring a survival kit," the OPP news release said.

Drivers can call 511 or visit for current road conditions. The 511 phone number also works in most other provinces and states.

Police encourage drivers to be prepared in case of emergency. Recommended items to carry include a small shovel, sand or another traction aid, road flares, extra clothing and footwear, a blanket, food, a flashlight, tools, and a first aid kit.

And, of course, keep your cell phone charged.