Tribal members protest against alleged foster child abuse in Carlton County

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On Tuesday, a week of protesting continued in Carlton County.

Protestors have braved the subzero temperatures for days to speak out against abuse allegations in two local foster homes.

According to those there on Tuesday, a 72 hour investigation removed 10 children out of the accused homes, only to return them back what they are referring to as a "house of horrors."

In recent days, compromising images and videos of children in those foster homes have been shared across social media.

Ashley Roy, a mother of two children in the foster home, sharing her concern.

"I’m worried about the well-being of our children physically, emotionally, and mentally."

The Cloquet Police Department said it is investigating the situation, along with Carlton County Public Health and Human Services, the County Attorney’s office and the Fond du Lac Reservation.

Cloquet Chief of Police, Derek Randall, saying in a statement that they cannot comment or respond further due to data practice laws since these are active cases involving minors and child protection issues.

His statement also said in part, "the Cloquet Police Department and the assisting agencies take all complaints and allegations regarding the safety of others seriously. We will continue to follow all appropriate protocols and laws to ensure our community members are safe."

The Fond Du Lac Band also making a statement saying they are working with Carlton County in this investigation, noting that jurisdiction for child protection cases belongs with the county.

Protestors argue the processes aren’t happening fast enough are causing harm to the children involved.

"Every child does matter. And those children who are in that home right now they matter to us, they matter to their community, and regardless of their parents past mistakes, they matter to the parents," said speaker Taysha Matineau.

Those who were there today say that they will continue to demonstrate until the children are removed from the care of those who are accused.