Tips to stay safe in fridgid cold weather

The frigid January air is rolling in and for Northlanders it may feel like a nuisance, but that nuisance can turn dangerous.

Nick Biondich from the Duluth Fire Department says the team is getting ready for any winter injuries that might come their way.

He says, "Pretty typical of our area here. January and February tend to be our two coldest months, so now is the time to prepare for those cold weather injuries."

And with the right environment frostbite can appear in just 30 minutes. So it’s to bundle up for those simple winter activities. Biondich says, "Just something to just cover up as much exposed skin as you can."

And while mild frostbite can be treated at home, dangerous situations could cause hypothermia. And knowing the signs could keep you safe, "You could also expect to see blotchy skin, you might start increase shivering or even stop shivering is a good sign knowing you’re beyond your body’s ability to handle the cold temperatures”, says Biondich.

For firefighters they want everyone to stay cautious this winter as this is the first couple rounds of negative temps.

"When we get called it tends to be more of the severe issues where someone has been outside for a prolonged period of time and they are starting to suffer those effects of that”, says Nick.