The secret of longevity; Duluth Pack gets ready for its 140th year in business

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Duluth pack has been a long lasting force in the local economy providing customers with the products they need for almost the past 140 years.

Store Manager Amanda Kolb was managing the store today and says, “We are actually sold globally but all of our manufacturing and all of our employees are out of Duluth Minnesota."

But their legacy goes way beyond the city of Duluth. Duluth Pack is the oldest leather and canvas bag manufacturer in the country starting all the way back in 1882.

Kolb says, “We’ve got some strong deep roots in Minnesota. And we are just really excited to be around for so long and to be around for another 140 years making quality made in the USA packs.”

The company has gone through some historic through times such as The Great Depression, the recession, and now the pandemic.

"We’ve definitely pivoted before and we are excited to keep going”, says the Store Manager.

The secret to the success seems to be in the product. Kolb says, "Our bags are made to last which is why we have twelve colors, so you can come back and get another. But they are all guaranteed for life through craftsmanship and hardware and we repair all the bags we can."

And the store still carries the pack design that started it all. The Number 2 Original. Originally used for the railroad and timber industry, now used for a canoe pack.

And with 2022 fast approaching the store is getting ready to treat its customers. Amanda says, "We’ve got some exciting things coming up next year. So during our 140th we’ve got some fun things going on with the city but not yet."