The Mayo Clinic debunks internet ‘COVID testing hack’

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Mayo Clinic health officials are debunking a new "COVID test hack" being spread on the internet. All this happening as at-home COVID-19 tests are becoming more available.

The now debunked hack said users should use the nasal swab in their throat instead of their nose.

However health officials say the hack does not give more accurate results than swabbing your nose.
Swabbing your throat could cause some false positive results.

Dr. Matthew Binnicker says, “The pH, so the acidity level, in the throat is different than in the nasal tract. And groups have actually shown that things like acidic beverages, such as sodas, can cause false-positive antigen tests."

The Mayo Clinic did note there could be a chance that testing strategies could chance depending on any possible new variant. But for now they say stick to the directions on your take home test.