Supply chain issues affect the vendors at the Arrowhead Ice Fishing & Winter Show

Supply chain issues seemed to have made their way to the Arrowhead Ice Fishing Winter Show at the DECC

"As you start talking around everybody is missing a key component. You know right to a retailer maybe saying they can’t get bags to put stuff in,” Says ice auger vendor Shannon Kruse.

The problems even kept some businesses back from having their own booth, due to a lack of things to sell.

Christen Hull and an empty booth next to her Sunday. She says, "Yeah I actually got a bigger booth today because someone backed out last minute and so we had two booths because she canceled."

With vendors dropping out they inevitably miss a huge opportunity to build their business all due to the supply chain. The empty booths sometimes effect the booths next-door.

Amy Trimbo says, “It’s hard for the venders when they are not here either. You know the booth across from us didn’t set up today. So it’s hard on our end too to have an empty booth next to us. And I think for the community it’s just not as exciting that way."

Some businesses stocked up early, and some didn’t see the effects because of the materials they sourced. But there were still shortages on the main floor. For Shannon Kruse, new ice augers were severely affected.

He says, "Anything that is mass produced. Batteries, switches, we’ve been pretty good on steel. But it’s had a definite effect to the point where we’ve basically just got some of this stuff in four weeks ago and a lot of people, vendors, and stores have been waiting for this for months."

For some of the stuff in stock at the show sold out quickly. Shannon says this happened to him.

He says, “We’ve sold out of [the new Rouge ice auger] and there’s just not one available. People are chomping at the bit to buy stuff. And there’s just not enough of it out there."

Luckily for the vendors the people on the floor are understanding. Tackle manufacturer Andy Clayburn says “If there is any inventory out of stock it’s a good thing just to communicate to them and that’s what coming to a show like this is good for."

He says, “The fishing industry in general is a small community and we really appreciate engaging with our customers.”