Super Bowl parties help boost local business

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With customers filling up the parking lots for grocery stores it was a good day for local grocers as many picked up last minute items for their halftime parties.

B&B Market Owner Jacob Richardson says, “it’s another day. It helps bring us in and keeps the lights on you know what I mean?"

While most were routing for the Rams or the Bengals, some were just happy to gather together for the food. Which making sure stores are stocked with the best items is huge.

Richardson says, "Most time it’s like gambling. You think you go from year after year and can tell what people are going to buy. But yes we do stock up, especially with nowadays if your distributor calls saying they have a deal on something you take it. Cause next week they might not have it."

And B&B continues to see returning customers celebrating the Super Bowl.

Richardson says, "There’s a few people that come in year after year and they put on a big party like they have like 50-60 people that come over and they just have the big game. And for some of them it doesn’t really matter what team is playing it’s just nice to get together.”