Students run in 14th Annual Ikidarod race

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The second graders from North Shore Community School ran the 14th annual Ikidarod race Friday afternoon.

The students had been learning about dog sledding in their classrooms over the last month and the Ikidarod served as the culminating event.

The kids we’re grouped off into teams and ran a race as a team.

"We started this way back in January and we tie it into reading, writing, spelling, math, science, and then of course today is all about teamwork and working together," explained teacher Anne Lampela. "The kids learn way more when they actually get to apply what they learn. You can teach from a text book and they’re forget it in a week or two, but I have kids come back year after year and tell me ‘I remember this’ and tell me all the positions of a sled dog team and all about Alaska and the Iditarod and the Beargrease."

Some third graders also got to participate since the Ikidarod was canceled last year when they would have had it.