Street in front of Thunder Bay City Hall going one-way

The City of Thunder Bay is converting the block of Donald Street in front of City Hall to one-way traffic.

The block between Brodie Street South and May Street South will close on Nov. 10 to begin changing pacement markings and signage. It’s expected to reopen for eastbound-only traffic on Nov. 16, though weather and other factors may impact the date.

"This change is required to address traffic safety concerns for both City of Thunder Bay Transit drivers and users, as well as motorists in general," a city news release said.

The change will also allow for additional on-street parking spots, since existing parallel parking will be replaced with angled parking.

Cumberland Street returning to two-way

Meanwhile, the city has announced that Cumberland Street in the downtown north core will go back to two-way traffic starting Nov. 11. The road had been converted to one-way traffic in the summer as part of a pilot project.

Angle parking that had been implemented as part of the pilot project will be retained.