Staffing shortages cause pause on Route 5 and Port Town Trolley

The DTA announced a pause on Route 5 (which runs between western Duluth and the Miller Hill area), and the Port Town Trolley, affecting other trips have interlined service.

These temporary changes will go into effect Sunday, June 26th.

This difficult decision was based on staffing shortages. Many bus drivers have retired or otherwise departed for other reasons.

“Challenging labor market conditions, retirements, and other unforecastable changes have made it extremely difficult to keep our labor numbers where we need them”, noted DTA General Manager. “Coupled with the comprehensive training program and time it takes to get our team road-ready, today’s hiring conditions are leaving us short of where we need to be to deliver the entirety of our system in a reliable manner.”

“We recognize that we aren’t facing the labor challenges alone, and it’s particularly painful to pause routes during peak-season for outdoor enjoyment and tourism. We have looked at every angle, and this is our only path at the moment”, explained DTA Director of Marketing Dave Clark.

The DTA want to let the public know they are hiring. They currently have the several openings for Bus Operator and others. There is more information posted on their website.