Spreading awareness about Alzheimer’s through an annual weekend event

Raising awareness and money for Alzheimer’s through a familiar backyard sport all started eight years ago.

"So, it was my dad, my grandpa, and his uncle and a lot of people that have been affected by Alzheimer’s, says Leo Johnson, an organizer member. It seems like everyone that you talk to knows someone who’s been affected by it. So, I think it’s a great cause coming here and raising a lot of money for people."

This event has different meanings to the community and everyone that is involved, "it’s super important to the community to be out here and celebrate and raise money for Alzheimer’s, shared Joe Vetsch. It’s a disease without a cure currently, and any money and funds we can raise to donate back to that, find a cure, and figure out how we can help people. Vetsch is not only an event helper, he is also the duck wrangler( duck race) and raffle mc.

Attending and helping with the weekend event is very special and meaningful for Vetsch. "I’m super involved in this because it means so much to the Johnson family. They have been affected by it by a few family members. So, when he was talking to me about it and how important it is to him, I decided to make it important to me too. So, I come up here every year and help raise money, selling 50/50 raffles and duck races, and we do the silent auction and everything. All the money goes back to a good cause.

Over time, Vetsch shares how the Wiffle Ball Weekend has evolved, "we started small; it was two or three teams every year. We’ve grown into five teams; six teams, last year we raised 8,000 dollars; and this year we’re shooting for $10,000."

As the event prepares for the next year, there may be a new goal in mind, "if we hit ten grand, the next step is 15. We’re going to keep building, keep getting bigger and bigger until we raise enough money to get to the cure for Alzheimer’s, says Vetsch.

The annual weekend event happens every year after the July 4th weekend, starting on Friday and wrapped up on Sunday.