Spooner Middle School reopening Tuesday

Spooner Middle School will reopen Tuesday after a strong odor sickened students and staff members on Nov. 10.

The building has been closed since while the source of the "epoxy-like" odor was investigated. More than 60 people sought treatment.

According to the school district, multiple organizations did environmental testing. The district reported Monday that symptoms were consistent with a chemical exposure.

"In particular, styrene is consistent with the dizziness, light headedness, nausea, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness that was experienced," a press release read.

The Spooner Area School District says the building has been properly aired out and the chemicals are no longer present.

"We have been told that a single exposure such as this does not constitute a risk for long-term health effects," the release said.

Environmental monitoring devices have been installed around the building.

The Spooner Fire Department has authorized students and staff to return to the school, so classes will resume in-person as of Tuesday, Dec. 21.


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