Snowy weather puts a damper on spring sports

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More snow on the ground on Monday didn’t put any spring sport enthusiasts in good moods. Still, the athletes are staying focused and positive.

"As long as we’re trying to improve, whether it’s inside or outside, we’ll continue to thrive throughout the year," shared Olivia Castleman, a junior who plays golf for Duluth East.

Her friend, fellow junior Emma Hegman, added, "Honestly, just to be together, it’s how it works."

Their coaches are doing their best to keep them motivated, despite being stuck in the gym.

"We’ve definitely got a good team. The girls really want to golf, and want to be there. That helps, and they have the drive to stay in the gym," explained assistant coach Brooke Heikkila.

Still, it’s not the same as being on the links.

"We have our first meet next Tuesday, and the girls haven’t hit off the grass since October. It’s really challenging to see where they’re at," Heikkila told us.

For Rock Ridge and their baseball team, they have not lost focus. "They are raring to go, and I feel bad when I tell them a game has been canceled," shared coach Jamie Lindseth.

"We’ve had zero games, and haven’t been on the field once yet. One day we went out there, and it was 35 degrees with 20 mph winds. And we turned around and went right back to the gym. It’s been tough," he added. He told us that the weather has been strange, because usually they’ll have one or two bad days. Not just week after week of bad weather.

Normally, a four-game week is out of the question. But they have started scheduling those, to make up for the time lost already.

And Proctor’s track team posted a picture of snow on the track on Saturday.