Snow removal products and rust conditions

When it comes to the winter months, vehicles especially underneath can get damaged by salt and other products used to help remove snow from the roads.

Salting the road can be more beneficial when temperatures are between 20 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Other factor like wind conditions is considered when deciding on whether to apply salt or other de-icing materials to roadways.

Information provided by Minnesota department of transportation, throughout the Duluth area, different products have been used in the past determine which products work best during the winter conditions. Some of those products are Beet Heet, which uses sugar from beat juice in combination with calcium chloride and potassium. This allows brine to become more beneficial because it lowers the temperature of the pavement.

Getting the snow removal products from underneath a vehicle is very important. Washing your car after snowy days, can help keep the longevity of your car’s total condition when the roads are salted.

"You see that under belly get really rusted out. Really, when you get that 200 pounds of pressure with hot water getting in there to really get that salt, snow and ice buildup out of there. It’s really going to help to get all that rust out, to keep it from forming in the first place” says general manager Michael Hoxie of tommy’s carwash.

If you do decided to wash your car, its best to wash it either the day after it snow or a couple days later to help prevent any damages caused by chemicals for melting the snow like salt, brine and other products.