Shipping delays impact ski and snowboard industry

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Shortages and shipment delays have been affecting numerous industries, and it may impact your winter activities. Ski Hut is just one of several local ski and snowboard shops experiencing difficulties.

“Items that we normally get on September 1st are not going to be here until the middle of November, and sometimes even later than that,” said Ski Hut Co-owner Dave Neustel. “We’re playing catch-up in just about every aspect of our lives, so a lot of stuff is trying to get out the door and to their final destination, and it’s just taking a little bit longer than what we’re used to.”

Shipping delays have occurred every step of the way as a lot of the gear is transported from Europe. Once shipments make it from overseas, additional delays have been an issue. Many products were affected by these shipping delays, including kids snowboards.

“We are waiting on quite a few items,” said Neustal. “A lot of soft goods stuff, so jackets, snow pants, gloves, hats, helmets, that kind of stuff.”
Although some items have been delayed, getting equipment sooner rather than later may be needed.

“Waiting until we get everything in stock might not be a good thing because we’re not going to be able to reorder items,” explained Neustal. “So what we have now and anticipating to have incoming might be it for the season.”

Although there has not been accumulation of snow yet this season, once there is, ski shops may get busy.

“When we start to see snow, people kind of get that anticipation of looking at their winter and having fun outside, ” said Neustal.”

For those already looking forward to this season, the 50th Annual Team Duluth Ski and Snowboard Swap will be at Spirit Mountain until Sunday afternoon. Hours are 10-3 on Saturday and 10-1 on Sunday.