Several districts are dealing with a shortage of substitute teachers

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Schools across the U.S. have been struggling to hire substitute teachers for over two years since the pandemic started.

In the Northland, this struggle was going on even before that.

“In Superior, we were facing a substitute shortage before the pandemic. Since the pandemic has hit our community, we see fewer subs really who have been available; subs who are willing to come into our schools for a variety of reasons that are specific to the pandemic,” said Superior’sDistrict Administrator, Amy Starzeck,

The shortage is also being seen with paraprofessionals, janitors, bus drivers, and other areas within the school system.

Schools have been having to get creative in filling positions.

“What we try to do is when the teacher that’s gone, they make the subs plans and will use google classroom,” said the superintendent of Hermantown Schools, Wayne Whitwam. “The instruction is still there.”

When it comes to the pay rate of these positions, they can range from $125 per day to $200 per day depending on the district.

In Hermantown, they are now planning to start at $150 per day and, in Superior, retired teachers can start at $175 per day

Anyone with a four-year degree can become a substitute teacher in Minnesota school districts.

You will need to first obtain a substitute teaching license, referred to as a “short call” license.

This license allows for teaching on a day-to-day basis, not to exceed 15 consecutive days replacing the same teacher.

If you have an associate degree, you can become a substitute for a paraprofessional, a secretary, a classroom aid, and a classroom/student support specialist.

In Wisconsin school districts, you can become a substitute teacher with any type of associate degree

If you want to apply to become a substitute teacher in the Hermantown school district, head to their website.

To apply for a substitute teacher position in Superior, visit their website for more information.