Saving during the surge at the pumps

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There might not be any relief in sight in gas prices coming down. “It was just over a week ago, Saturday. I believe I was over the hill, and we gassed up this vehicle for $3.09 a gallon. And I believe it is $3.75 here now,” says Duluth resident Norm Voorhees.

Gas prices can change significantly in a week or two. Some people are even starting to change their commute from one place to another. Voorhees says he has changed his driving pattern, but his wife commutes five days a week to work, and that’s something she has to continue to do."I have limited my travel quite a bit just for conserving money. It is going to put a big burden on working men, women, and families.”

There are different alternatives consumers can do to save on gas like, ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, carpooling, and riding the bus around the city. Paying cash for gas, if you can, can help you save a few cents.

"Get thrifty, you know and, really understand what you can do to save every penny on the gallon because pennies matter pennies add up," says Derek Medved, owner of The Korner Stores.

Driving less if possible, planning your trips/store runs, and rearranging your driving patterns to places can help to save a little on gas. If you want to know where the lowest gas is in your area, using popular gas-saving apps like GasBuddy, Gas Gura, and even Triptik Travel Planner by Triple-A can be your go-to source for the best saving options. Even using credit cards that offer cash backs on gas and using perk rewards can help to relieve some stress in your wallets.