Runners of all ages are gearing up as the 2022 Grandma’s Marathon is quickly approaching

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There are around two and a half months left until this year’s Grandma’s Marathon race. Runners alike and people were at the Gearing Up for Grandma’s event at the YMCA at Essentia on Saturday, April 9, 2022, to ask questions and learn new information about training, nutrition, and more ahead of race weekend in June.

As anticipation grows, so does making sure all of your essential gear is ready to go. One of many factors in allowing yourself a good running experience is having good pair of running shoes. "There are varying degrees of support, varying degrees of cushion in every shoe. Since your feet are unique, we want to find a product that is going to align with your foot type better than some of the others will,” says Tortoise and Hare Footwear Associate Andy Stukel.

Along with having those shoes, having helpful tips can come in handy in preparation for the big race. "Have your shoes broken in, do not bring out a brand new pair of shoes on race day. Make sure you have trained in them a little bit similar to socks. Do not wear a brand new pair of socks! Wear a nice cushion pair that you have run in a couple of times before, said Nistler. Cristina Nistler is a certified athletic trainer at Essentia and a member of Grandma’s Medical Committee.

At Saturday’s event, Dakoth Lindwurm shared how she has grown from her first race to become the 2021 Grandma’s Marathon winner. "The first time that I ran, it was my first marathon. I was still learning a lot and just enjoying the process. So, coming back in 2021 to win, I was just a lot more aggressive and a lot more confident.”

With all this talk about Grandma’s Marathon, let us take a moment and think about what "Grandma’s Marathon" means? The Marketing and Public Relation director of Grandma’s Marathon, Zach Schneider, talks about how it is not just a race; it is so much more. “It’s a combination of so many stories for runners, our volunteers, our spectators, for anybody that has been a part of it; everybody has a story to tell about Grandma’s marathon.”

And for people who would like to start running but do not know where to start or may think that it is hard. A runner is here to share a little motivation for you. "Just start small and build, and before you know it, you will be running 5 or 6 miles as your short run. Just start small and keep at it, says Amy Simpson.