Rock Ridge boys tennis claims Section 7A title, Denfeld wins 7AA opener

In section boy’s tennis action on Thursday Rock Ridge claimed the 7A championship title while Duluth Denfeld won their tournament opener.

Rock Ridge downed Hermantown 6-1 to win their second straight Section 7A title and punch their ticket to state. The state tournament runs from June 7th-10th at the Reed Sweatt Tennis Center (7A) or the Baseline Tennis Center (7AA) in Minneapolis.

In the play-in round of Section 7AA action Denfeld held off Grand Rapids 4-3.

No. 1 – Skyler Fossum, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH def. Alex Frimanslund, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH, 6-0 , 7-5.
No. 2 – Blayne Mortenson, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH def. Adler Wormuth, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH, 3-6 , 7-5 , 6-4.
No. 3 – John Bloomquist, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH def. Justin Kerr, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH, 3-6 , 6-1 , 6-3.
No. 4 – Mathias MacMillan, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH def. Dylan Henrichsen, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH, 6-2 , 3-6 , 6-2.

No. 1 – Shane Redenbaugh, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH – Lukas Mayne, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH def. Zachary Lagergren, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH – Luc Dulong, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH, 6-0 , 6-4.
No. 2 – Caiden MacLean, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH – Joe Sutherland, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH def. Carson Schulte, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH – Joe Eklund, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH, 6-2 , 6-4.
No. 3 – Jens Kahdahl, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH – Easton Young, GRAND RAPIDS SENIOR HIGH def. Hayden Mann, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH – Brendan Hughes, DENFELD SENIOR HIGH, 6-1 , 7-5.