Remote learning for Spooner Middle School as investigation continues

Spooner Middle School will resume classes with remote learning on Monday, Nov. 15, as the district continues to investigate what sickened dozens of students and staff members on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

In a Friday update, the district raised the number of those who have been treated at local medical facilities to 36 students and 24 staff members. Their conditions have not been released.

The district said numerous potential causes of the "strong epoxy-like odor" have been investigated and ruled out. "Advanced environmental sampling" is taking place, with results expected next week.

Utility work was being conducted on sanitary sewers near the school at the time.

The latest statement did not say whether the odor might have come from the sewer work, but it did say that a notice about the work that had gone to residents of the neighborhood was not sent to the school. As a result, the school was not able to take actions that had been suggested to homeowners.

"The most critical piece of this matter continues to be the health and safety of our students and staff members. In person instruction will not resume at Spooner Middle School until we are assured the environment is safe for everyone in the building," the district said Friday.

The district is working with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services as well as local and county officials and support agencies in its investigation.

On Monday, students and parents will be able to pick up computers, materials, and other devices left behind during the evacuation at Spooner Weseleyan Church.

Other Spooner schools remain open.