Relationships and recovery at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge has a long history of helping those through drug and alcohol addiction. One of the secrets to a great recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is relationships.

The staff at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge try to connect with the men as much as possible to care for them and help them through recovery.

Client care manager Luther Brown explains what starts a great connection.

Brown says, "It’s all about relationships here, it’s all about relationships. We really want the men to know that they are cared for personally. We want them to find hope here. Hope is alive at teen challenge, that’s one of our mottos here."

Luther is also a graduate of the program and is proud of his work at adult and teen challenge. He says he puts a lot of work into the first greeting, memorizing every entry’s name to make sure that first connection is solidified.

His work along with the other strong leadership is why we are supporting Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge during our Trees of Hope Campaign.