Red Cross deploys five volunteers to Kentucky to help with clean-up effects

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Recovery efforts continue down in Kentucky as many organizations have sent several groups to help with clean-up effects.

The Northern Minnesota chapter of Red Cross deployed five volunteers to help that specialize in nursing and disaster mental health professionals, a warehouse worker, and sheltering/feeding specialists.

When disaster strikes, people are ready and willing to help out as much as they can. However, some things get in the way of the recovery process.

Dan Williams, an executive director of Duluth’s Red Cross knows that people are willing and want to help in disaster areas but not everything that you want to send is helpful.

“The biggest way people can help in a disaster is to send financial resources to organizations that they trust are helping on the ground. While people have a very genuine heartfelt to help, sometimes you would want to send like clothing that they have or blankets or water or toilet paper and things like that," Williams said. "It’s not helpful in disaster response at all. It takes human and space resources where those are both scares in a disaster response like this."

If you would like to help many of the communities in Kentucky and surrounding areas, head over to the Red Cross website to learn more about their recovery efforts.