Raising inflation rates causes Super Bowl party prices to increase

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It’s Super Bowl weekend. Many people will be shopping for your Super Bowl gathering. Well, this is where inflation bites again. It’s causing a little super bowl party sticker shock.

According to an article by USA TODAY, the federation’s 2022 survey found that 90 million people plan to throw or attend a party on Sunday, up from 62.8 million last year. And 13.7 million adults plan to watch the game at a bar or restaurant.

Inflation has increased the prices of your favorite Super Bowl food like wings, guacamole, and beer. When it comes to those wings, meat cutter Bo Beaured mentioned that the increase within products comes from different angles.

“The reason is that it goes from the farmer to the slaughterhouses to the packing plants. So everyone has increased their prices with either higher wages or extra product costs, so it just works its way up”, said Beaured. If you can’t find chicken wings, some other items to go with could be ribs, burgers, and maybe some hot dogs.

If you want fresh guacamole, that is going to cost you more. The prices of avocados have nearly doubled since last year. Even beer has become more expensive, especially beer in the can. The supply chain has caused an aluminum shortage.

Hopefully, you will be eating well this Super Bowl weekend and cheering for the Cincinnati Bengals or the Los Angeles Rams.