Protecting your holiday packages from porch pirates

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As packages are out being delivered for the holidays, thieves are also out and could spoil all the fun. So what can you do to ensure that doesn’t happen to you?

Well with the digital age we can now anticipate when our packages arrive. Lieutenant Ryan Morris from the Duluth Police Department says, "We’re doing a lot of online shopping now and we are getting these things sent to our house. So tracking your package and paying attention to when those dates and delivery times are is important."

Morris also notes if you don’t think your location is the most secure you can usually have items shipped to the stores. He says, “You know there are some options to have the ship to store. Some of the bigger chain stores allow you to; instead of having things shipped to your house, it might be a better option to ship it to the store."

But one of the easiest ways to protect your packages is just by talking to the people around you. Lieutenant Morris expressed that being in touch with your neighbors is a great way to make sure your packages are safe.

He says, "You know this is why we build relationships with our neighbors. Notifying those neighbors who might be a stay at home worker or something, when you do get that notification you can have them pick it up and set it aside for you."

Local security companies that we talked to suggest that security packs are also great deterrents, not only for mail theft but for the more serious crimes like Burglary as well.

But overall having good lighting, a good relationship with your neighbors, and basic home security can really keep your family’s belongings safe during the holidays.

"Certainly we don’t want our holidays to be ruined by porch pirates so taking some of these steps to prevent it, not give them the opportunities, that’s what we are hoping people do”, says Morris.