Proctor Sports Performance Camp offers strength & nutrition training

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Hockey players, basketball players, and swimmers don’t often work out together, but they did just that Thursday afternoon at Proctor’s Sports Performance Camp.

Put on by St. Luke’s it’s built to teach high school athletes, regardless of discipline, how to take care of their bodies both inside and out.

"There’s this motto that a lot of us dietitians follow that’s called ‘eyes on your own plate’," Brenda Schwerdt shared, a registered dietitian for St. Luke’s. "So what might work for you might not work for somebody else. Be mindful of what your body needs. The Internet can be a great thing to find lots of resources and ideas, but there are a lot of people that are willing to sell you a lot of things that might not work for you."

Over 100 athletes participated in the individualized nutrition and strength training camp, including multi-sport athlete Anika Burke.

"A lot of these kids, athletes want to stay fit and eat healthy but we don’t really know how," Burke, a junior at Proctor High School, said. "Usually you have to pay for a trainer or stuff like that, but it’s really nice that the school does this for us."

The camp also offered turf and weight room time.