Proctor Pathways focuses on opportunities at Essentia Health

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The Field House in Proctor was full of all things health care on Wednesday. The Career Pathways program partnered up with Essentia Health, and the provider brought over all kinds of hands-on activities.

"I liked learning about the heart. There’s a section where you can look at the pacemakers. My grandpa has a pacemaker, so it’s cool learning how it works," shared Olivia Morin-Swanson, an 8th grader. "I wish we could do this more often."

Kids could try out equipment used by nurses, pharmacists, security guards, and lab techs. There was big demand for jobs in this field, even before the pandemic.

Kim Burke, Workforce Development Specialist for Essentia, said, "We’re really excited to be here, and get out in the community. Certainly hope they stick around in the area, there are lots of jobs for them and it’s good for the economy.’

It’s the first big career fair for the Pathways program with Essentia. "Even though there are restrictions due to COVID, we were able to work out a safe environment for the students. We’re so grateful that Essentia is willing to spend time with our students," Sarah Klyve added. She’s the Student Success Coordinator in the Pathways program.