Price pain at the gas pumps

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Gas prices have skyrocketed over the past few months to even last week. According to AAA, the national gas price is $3.84 per gallon. In Minnesota, our state average is $3.61 per gallon.

The Russia and Ukraine war has caused an impact on the global crude oil, which is in a tight market already. With the price for a barrel of crude oil has increased, we’re going to probably see about a 40 to 50 cent increase at the pumps.

“Those sanctions and regulations that have been placed on Russia have effectively removed Russia’s oil from the market, and prices then accelerate because there is less crude oil available since Russia is out,” said Mitts.

Meredith Mitts is the Public Affairs Specialist for AAA of Minnesota and Idaho.

“The good news is that Russia only provides 10% or less of the US crude oil, so we shouldn’t see any shortages at the pump. But because internationally, crude oil prices are going up. The crude oil we have here also follows suit.”

Gas is around $3.45 per gallon in parts of the northland. Residents are starting to feel the rising increase in their wallets.

“People don’t make enough money to keep up with these gas prices. I saw something on Facebook that an average person makes $15-$19 an hour,” said Duluth resident Samantha Windish. But if you think about that, a full tank of gas will take about a few hours of your work if that makes sense.”

Planning your errands and your routes in a way that is the most efficient for your travels can help save on gas. Also, taking out the extra heavy, bulky items if you don’t need them can help with gas mileage.