Overwhelming excitement for the Beargrease kick off

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Sunday morning of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon was huge with hundreds of people down at the starting line outside of Billy’s Bar.

And the excitement was definitely in the air before the start of the race. "Getting out on a beautiful day. [We] love the dogs", says spectator Jayne Ann Valley.

Visitors from everywhere came to check out the main event. Some of whom had never seen sled dog racing before.

Sam Swanson is one who had never seen it. “I had some friends who were coming up so I joined them and I drove up from Minneapolis this morning so pretty long drive”, he said.

And everyone’s favorite part of the race seems to be wen the dogs pass.

Jayne says, “When they are trying so hard to get going again even way at the beginning before they even take off they just want to go.”

The amount of training it takes to become a musher and coordinate with the dogs has amazed many people.

"Yeah I’m just astounded by it”, says Sam Swanson, “These dogs are just so ready to go, like when they are before the start line they are jumping to go and it’s just crazy."

Some folks are even are prospective mushers themselves. Adam Weber, a collegiate musher was watching there for of the start of the race. And watching the competitors really fueled his passion.

"It’s really cool to see where all that goes to. If you’re a musher, who is able to put in all the time necessary to bring it full circle”, he says.

Adam also added, "Seeing everyone here and seeing how excited people are to see mushers and dogs do what they love. It looks really rewarding."