Over 30 inches of snow covered parts around Washburn, Wisconsin

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Snow and lots of it, over 30 inches covered parts around Washburn, Wisconsin. People were out snow-blowing driveways and business parking lots.

"Most people waited until yesterday, and some even waited until today to get out there because as soon as you blew it out, it was right back in, said Marshall. I had this all cleaned out once, and it was about a foot and a half of snow."

Patrick Marshall is a resident of Washburn, Wisconsin. He was out plowing his driveway for the second time. He did it yesterday and again today, but he had some help along the way.

"A neighbor came over and helped with a pull in the snow away from the buildings, which makes it a lot easier", says Marshall.

Another resident Steve Gorski was riding around helping friends and people in the community. In his words, besides helping, he was enjoying the sun and snow!

“I am just out here helping some people out, you know. I am going through town and hitting some driveways and the bar. The owner said he had a little work for me to do down here. So, yeah, I am just hanging out down here for a little while.”

While shoveling and plowing those driveways, sidewalks, and steps; do not forget to clean your roofs if you can. A lot of heavy snow left stuck on roofs and in tight places can cause a lot of damage.