November has a new name in the Duluth Fire Department

November has a new name… A new meaning and new look in the Duluth fire department. It’ll now be called movember!

It started off to raise awareness for health issues that surround men sensitive issues not are not often talked about publically.

Sometimes when you can have a little fun at work for a good cause, why not. “Growing mustaches is not only a way for members of the department to bond and have a slight competition around the style and thickness of stache’s,” said Captain Brian Black.

The idea is to grow a mustache to bring awareness to health issues such as testicular, colorectal and prostate cancer. In addition to suicide, mental health and PTSD.

“Police officers and fire fighters have a 5x time’s higher rate of depression and PTSD and so the idea behind movember is to bring some awareness to that. Intently here, we have here what we call peer support groups. And so if someone is expressing problems or depression, or some PTSD after a bad call, they can go and talk to some that’s a peer”, said captain black. Members of the department often talk about how their coworkers feel like work is a second family.

Captain Black encourages all of us to show our appreciation to all the mustached firefighters out there when you see them this month because there pretty cool and remember it’s to promote early screening for all types of cancers.