Newly appointed assistant attorneys in St. Louis County

There are two newly appointed assistant county attorneys in St. Louis County. Liselotte Schluender and Nathan LaCoursiere were sworn in Monday.

Schluender will be working in the Public Health and Human Service Division in Duluth and handling the child protection caseload. Liselotte, who is a Duluth native, is coming back home after recently working in the Twin Cities for eleven years. She will become the new Indian child welfare act attorney, working with the county.

LaCoursiere recently taught legal studies at The University of Wisconsin at Superior. He will be working with the Civil Division in Duluth, representing the county in a portion of its civil litigation and advising the Land and Minerals Department.

Nathan’s students inspired him throughout his time as a professor to dive back into the public practice of law. "It’s hard to teach students and talk about the joys of public practice without starting to miss diving in and gaining the chance to do that public practice. So, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be back, working within the office and serving the county."

Congratulations Liselotte Schluender and Nathan LaCoursiere on your new positions with St. Louis County!