New hair salon opening in Duluth

When a new business opens, it’s always a good thing. On Wednesday, Heaven On Earth Wellness Spa in Duluth held its grand opening. The business offers not only hair but health and wellness services. All of their products and services are completely organic and cruelty free.

Some of the services that Heaven On Earth provides include: cryotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, floatation therapy, infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, ear cloning, ozone sauna, aromatherapy and more

The salon wants to provide services to all types of hair textures in the community. “There are not a lot of salons in the community that cater to black hair and curly and kinky type hair. And we really want to open up services and be more inclusive and be able to service everyone in the community of all types and have this be a safe place" said Sami Saczko, salon manager and hairstylist.

The mission of the business is to provide their customers with services that promote mental and physical wellness, healing and longevity. They want to encourage the community members to try and embrace the holistic living that balances their mind, body and spirit.

Heaven On Earth Wellness Spa is located at 307 E Central Entrance. To view and learn more about the services and products that Heaven On Earth Wellness Spa provides, visit the website at