New exhibit coming to Great Lakes Aquarium

Exciting changes are coming to the Great Lakes Aquarium.

The water table that has been there for 20 years is being replaced with a new one as part of a new exhibit.

The new exhibit called H2O: Watersheds at Work is over 2,000 square feet, and features hands-on interactive exhibits that explore the physical properties of water, how to keep it clean, how water moves through a community and how it connects us to the world.

A news release says the new water table will maintain many of the favorite features of the original, including the boats, splash time experiences and Great Lakes locks and dams system, but will have a smaller footprint and lower profile to allow more accessibility for smaller children and persons with disabilities.

"It will be more accessible for all visitors here at the aquarium, regardless of how you play. It will have more hands-on elements. It will feature more collaboration from community members," said Great Lakes Aquarium Interpretive Content Developer Julie Marano.

In addition to the water table, the new exhibit will feature hands-on interactives exploring the properties of water with a Water Wall and Water Bell.

Visitors will also explore how water moves through a community in the interactive Water on the Move displays.

The new exhibit is scheduled to open November 20.

The project costs $450,000, and is being funded in part by a $150,000 grant through the State of Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.