Multiple fire departments hold simulated structure & wildland fire exercise

Multiple Northland fire departments held a simulated structure and wildland fire exercise on Saturday afternoon in Eagles Nest Township.

The Northland FireWire reports the exercise lasted about two hours during which fire departments worked to provide a sustained water flow of 400 gallons a minute during the drill for a total of 18,000 gallons.

The Northland FireWire reports organizers say the exercise also included the evacuation of area residents.

"This was fantastic and we really enjoyed participating with our neighbors," one resident told the Northland FireWire.

“A key component of the drill was the ability to alert people in the area that a major incident is occurring and they need to leave,” Eagles Nest Fire Department spokesman Mike Ostlund told the Northland FireWire.

Eagles Nest, Ely, Tower, and Morse-Fall Lake Township fire departments participated in the exercise.